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Leadership comes with the ability of connect & influence a Group for achievement of a vision. Every person has its own way of working which is also part of leadership on individual front. Extraversion has strongest relation to leadership. Leaders are trained over the period of time not born. If we take example of Political background on leadership then you can see different angle in Leadership & also different views of group. Hon. Pri minister Narendra Modi is one of finest leader in the world in current scenario. Influencing part of Mr. Modi has its Connectivity & Struggle in their over the period time & also the aggressiveness with the passion. Leadership grab the people without any bifurcation. We can take example of Maharashtra Chief Minister Mr. Devendra Fadavnis became chief minister at age of 45 & demonstrating leadership with people connect & if we take example of Mr. Rahul Gandhi is still in struggle period with different views on their leadership however this is also leadership with struggle period . If We take Leader struggle to achieve the Vision then We should see the former Pri minster Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee struggle to form the part with 2 MP in the LS & convert in to in 1999 for the formation government with National party. These struggle are long term struggle for the achievement of vision. Sometime Leader sacrifices their entire life for vision achievement. Leader’s behaviors are mainly Vision, Personal risk taking, sensitivity, extraordinary influence.

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