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Leadership has different dimensions. Few are born leaders where many develop leadership Qualities over a period of time. Arguably Lord Krishna was a born Leader which can be easily concluded looking at his childhood life, while Gandhiji probably had developed many of his leadership qualities during his lifetime. He evolved from an ordinary Lawyer to a most popular mass leader. Similarly Modiji has evolved from a very humble background of being Chaiwala to be the Prime Minister of India and probably one of the most popular world Leaders today. There are many common things between both these great Indian Leaders - one of the most common things is that their leadership development journey was not by design but it happened thro' sustained efforts of doing right things at right time and every time - both are great example to true Learners. Another most common quality between both is their emphasis on communication. Both are considered to be master communicators, although they have done differently and under very much different technological environment. Both are true believers and genuine examples of demonstrating leadership by doing the things themselves. Gandhiji used to say - "Be the change you want to see" and "My life is my message" Another great common quality is their connect to masses. They really understood pulses of masses and connect as being part of them. This along with high standards in personal life made them really credible mass leaders. Masses always see every political leader with suspicion in beginning - Integrity, honesty, commitment and true patriotism are minimum and most important Qualities that a Political leader must be able to demonstrate to be accepted as a mass leader - Both Gandiji and Modiji could genuinely demonstrate these qualities - this is most crucial and important success factor for them being the credible leaders. Another critical success factor for them was to have courage to do unconventional things Ahimsa, Non co-operation movement, Dandi March, Demonetisation, Surgical strikes, Swachch Bharat Abhiyan, Give up Program etc) - Each of these are great program with lot of passion, deep thinking and may be need of the time - but every program is a great example of sheer courage. So in summary, a successful mass leadership requires - Personal Integrity, Honesty, Genuine patriotism, courage to do unconventional things, Heart to heart connect with masses, innovative ways to communicate, sustained efforts to do right things every time and genuine commitment to ideas of self - show by example approach

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