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MBA has become a necessity for a professional aspiring to grow in his/her career very fast. This blog explains beautifully the transition of MBA from its inception to the new form where it’s more of a madness. India is world’s largest provider of management education. This blog captures more about the students who come for full-time 1 yr. MBA. For working professionals who cannot sacrifice job to devote full time to education, balancing between management education and work is real challenge. Management education seems to be more of only a degree that will accelerate a working professional’s career. The off-campus study where we depend completely on ourselves does reduce the effectiveness of our learning. Learning in a classroom with discussions are more enriching. I completely agree with Dr R Jayaraman on making MBA a burden. Even when we are at the Campus, even the institute tries to push as much as classrooms and assignments for us to cover. Thus we land up with too much of work, too many courses etc. MBA has lost its real essence. However, positive part is as we study and work, it’s a good opportunity to learn and apply at the same time. Even quality of the management education provided is yet another perspective that will define the future of MBA. There are many MBA graduates who do not get jobs in corporate or big cities. Probably due to a disconnect between the educational and employer requirements. Besides the way management schools are promoting courses on entrepreneurship, students get so much bogged down with the trends. Seems all of us will begin a start-up and so we need to go through specializations. Must be sounding negative, however, management education has become more commercial.

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