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The author has well articulated the current scenario for students undergoing MBA education, this is more relative to Executive MBA program. While it is evident that, in India, the school going children and MBA pursuing students are in same boat, They hardly get enough time to imbibe learning which they have made. It has become more mechanical to get a PG degree and bag the highly paid job. While MBA curriculam needs to be competitive for a collage offering this course, it has become a world challenge to keep the pace with well defined syllabus as per industry standards. One solution could be to re-look at the primary- HSSC school syllabus including UG programme and shift some of the basic MBA syllabus to these milestones. MBA is a professional science, any learning will be useful if shifted to to UG / HSSC/ SSC. For example, if a school plans to bring in Business Studies in its curricula, it helps children understand finances and probably make them aware of buying habbits, importance to spend wisely rather earning highly. Such children can become more open to understand bigger aspects by the time they pursue MBA eduction. MBA is likely to be must to have eligibility for future generations, its up to us on how do we make sure our future generations are able to take this knowledge a better way than what we did. This will reduce the juggling at a later stage and ensure students enjoy learning.

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