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Once upon a time, graduation was something which distinguished you from your peers and people would exclaim that you have achieved something phenomenal. But now a days, a new graduate has to hear "Hmm, okay! So now maybe you'll get a job." Such is the uncertainty of a graduate's career. Now a post-graduate degree especially an MBA from some top B-school either from India or from abroad earns you a so called "Social Status". Moreover, Indian education system is more or less an overhyped Sabzi Mandi. Come every October, millions of students go over the length and breadth of the country in search of admissions with the dream of occupying a seat in the Top 30 B-schools of India. For this generation of W.T.F (WhatsApp-Twitter-Facebook) people, right after taking their first step in this magnificent world,"Mera beta MBA karega, woh bhi IIM se", starts echoing and continues to haunt them throughout their academic life. For most of the middle class families in India the saying goes, "Pehle Engineering, phir MBA". You see MBA is no longer just for commerce stream, it’s an all pervasive degree after you graduate. So for everyone now Birth-Graduation-MBA-Job-Death is a new life cycle because Birth-Survival-Death has become too mainstream. But is the MBA degree relevant as it was a decade ago. Statistics show that 50% students spread across India, did not get a job on completion of the much hyped MBA and those who did were not at all satisfied. Some of the top shining B-schools too faced a tough time recruiting the pass outs. Most of the B-schools across India which boast as being at the top managed to get a mere 7.5L package per annum. Then there are average business schools which reach to a pay package of a meagre 3L per annum. Though this could be because of the economic slowdown, there is definitely more to it. Even after all this, to make the matters worse AICTE approves new B-schools every year. For the students dreaming of mouth-watering pay cheques and a luxurious honeymoon in Mauritius they might just end up in a lodge at Mussourie. Another major setback is the Return on Investment (ROI). Investing about 15L for probably not much knowledge and lesser pay packages maybe the reason for the dwindling news of MBA. Degrees are just a materialistic piece of papers or say proofs enough to get us a decent job and a "soulmate". But even your future soulmate happens to check your balance and your qualifications. Higher the education, higher must be the bank balance says the system. But this system has smartly made itself indispensable as everyone dreams of MBA degree. Although it seems whiny and cranky, it’s an unfortunate truth of the present scenario. I conclude by quoting Albert Einstein saying," I do not need to remember stuff as available in books but the main purpose of education is to make u think."

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