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SPJIMR in media

SPJIMR in media

SPJIMR welcomes new batch of PGDM participants (2016-18)

The SPJIMR campus wore a spruced up look on Tuesday (June 7) as a new batch of PGDM participants filled the 300 seater auditorium for an orientation ceremony that marked the beginning of the PGDM Class of 2018, the first batch to be greeted with a new logo, a newly drafted honour code and a revamped approach to SPJIMR's celebrated non classroom learning initiatives.

Monday, June 6, 2016

SPJIMR ranked in 'Super League1' by Business Standard

SPJIMR has entered the 'Super League1' in the Business Standard best Business School rankings. In its edition of June 16, 2016, Business Standard said, "The final ranking of the business schools that have participated this year has been obtained by arriving at a weighted composite score comprising the audit index and the perception index."

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Business Standard
Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mr. R Gopalakrishnan writes on SPJIMR's thought leadership workshop in Business Standard

Mr. R Gopalakrishnan, author, corporate advisor and now Executive in Residence at SPJIMR, writes on the thought leadership workshop at SPJIMR in the Business Standard newspaper.

In the column published June 9, Mr. Gopalakrishnan notes: Collectively the faculty engaged on a journey—what is thought leadership, why is it important, what are the processes involved, what does a thought leader actually do? At the end of that day, it was not that the 50 assembled people had stumbled on to a revolutionary new idea; they had only emotionally engaged on a journey of self-discovery about themselves and their roles as teachers of management-- a hugely worthwhile outcome with, hopefully, more to come.


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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