Faculty Speaks

Dr. Ranjan Banerjee, Dean SPJIMR talks about SPJIMR’s GMP Programme


Professor  Prem Chandrani discusses how SPJIMR’s GMP prepares students to become global career seekers.


Professor  Jagdish Rattanani talks about the  USP of SPJIMR’s GMP and how it is an innovative programme which expands beyond borders.


Professor Vidyut Lata Dhir talks about the unique features of SPJIMR’s GMP and how constant assessment and feedback helps students leverage on their strengths.



Prof. R Sesha  Iyer  gives an overview  of  SPJIMR’s GMP, its  inception, and evolvement to a value-based programme for students who aspire for an international degree.


Prof. Surya Tahora, Professor & Head, Science of Spirituality, SPJIMR talks about how Science of Spirituality helps build a mind-set and overcome stress and anxiety that is developed in foreign cultures, so that they can perform better.


Prof. R.K. Pattnaik, Professor, SPJIMR talks about the uniqueness of the GMP programme.


Prof. Anil Vishnu Vaidya talks about his experience of teaching  SPJIMR’s GMP batch. He feels that the enthusiasm and global mind-set of GMP students set them apart.




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