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Glimpse of SPJIMR’s customized programmes


Participants- Top Leadership Team


  • Build a business case for diversity and its linkage to positive business outcomes
  • Develop awareness of conscious and unconscious biases and identify strategies to overcome them for improved decision making
  • Become enablers of driving a culture of inclusivity to enhance critical outcomes
  • Create a roadmap to cascade a culture of inclusion across the organization


Participants- Newly Promoted Managers


  • Have a better understanding of himself/herself and his/her emotions
  • Can apply some learnings for better interpersonal relationships
  • Recognize different leadership styles and determine the style best-suited to him/her and the situation
  • Have an improvement in their work styles within a group/team
  • Understanding client expectations and managing them
  • Building Trust with the client

Participants- Mid-level high potential employees


  • Develop an enhanced ability to reflect, learn and grow from professional and personal experiences
  • Learn to leverage diversity (both identity and cognitive) for superior team problem solving
  • Learn to see linkages across functions, and think strategically about business challenges
  • Learn how to ‘influence without power’ and communicate effectively across levels of the organization
  • Leverage enhanced self-awareness to develop a road map for personal leadership

Participants- All levels at Finance Department of the organization


  • Understanding Data Analytics as well as Strategic cost and profitability analysis
  • How to link KPIs between Brand P&L and Channel P&L to bring actionable across them
  • Understanding of Joint Business Plan with customers
  • Alignment of financial and non-financial measures in evaluating financial performances giving due weightage to both elements and having a holistic view of the performance
  • Linking short term actions with long term strategic objectives
  • Understanding of Digital Disruptors transforming Finance today
  • Building Digital Mind-set: Usability of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in business environment and its applications

Participants- Area Business Managers


  • Develop a strategic vision that would enable participants to respond to changing business environment
  • Creating Outstanding Area Business Managers to learn to make business theory actionable and innovation possible in this comprehensive real-world
  • Develop competencies and skills essential for next level roles
  • Learning the right approach to leadership, diagnose leadership styles and build, develop and lead teams (Create High Performance Team)
  • Understand the importance of customer centric sales and marketing strategy and tactical planning
  • Understand cross functional roles and responsibilities


Participants- Managers and Team Leaders- Operations


  • Develop behaviour and skills that enable them to take up higher-level leadership roles.
  • Fostering and developing competencies of Strategic thinking and leadership skills among the top management to drive business growth and further the vision of the company
  • Imbibing an innovation mind-set that opens numerous opportunities.
  • Driving change- Individual and organizational change through transformational leadership
  • Skill building in terms of data analytics for fact based decision making.
  • Create a learner mind-set and Design Thinking capabilities that will help them develop innovative solutions for customers
  • Develop an appreciation for Finance and related topics in the context of their business needs
  • Help participants develop a deeper understanding of the changing business environment and strategies needed to succeed.
  • Enable collaborative-working through cross-functional projects focusing on specific challenges/issues of the organization.
  • Engrain the participants with skills for operational excellence and continuous improvement in delivery

Participants- Divisional Sales Managers/ Zonal Sales Managers


  • To provide participants with formal academic inputs that can be applied to their current jobs. This would motivate them to be effective managers and contribute to better productivity for their unit
  • To help participants understand cross functional roles, so as to achieve better co-ordination with other functional units
  • To support participants to grow into next higher roles seamlessly

Participants- Senior leaders


  • Increase appreciation of different dimensions of building the DNA of an adaptive organization through strategic thinking, unstructured problem solving and enhanced understanding of the impact of disruptive technologies
  • Enhanced understanding of the WIA competencies of a holistic leader – combination of Wisdom, Agility & Inspiration (WAI)through service orientation
  • Develop a tool-kit of how to enhance the WIA skills for increased effectiveness in their respective roles
  • Based on the learning from the workshop, create an action plan document for sustained leadership development & growth

Participants- National Managers


  • Develop a strategic vision that would enable participants to respond to a changing business environment.
  • Enable participants to respond to the customers changing business requirements, while maximizing value.
  • Helping managers to embrace digital disruptive technologies
  • Programme aims to bring out the best practices from Service Industry Coaching and Mentoring
  • Develop a team focus on efficiency and effectiveness while ensuring quality and adherence to controllership parameters
  • Understand the importance of technology enabled customer experience.

Participants- Procurement heads of hospitals


  • To provide Procurement Heads/Managers with a balanced curriculum in Leadership & Sourcing Excellence
  • To enhance senior leadership skills and prepare them to take up new leadership roles and effectively manage a hospital
  • Cutting-edge management tools in the planning, marketing, financing and delivery of healthcare services will be examined
  • Understand the importance of customer value centric procurement strategy and tactical planning
  • To provide Procurement Leaders an environment to share experience and build a reliable network with peers across India
  • Sensitizing the Sourcing managers to meet the real needs of the customers and win the game of inclusive health care
  • To support the development of responsible leaders in healthcare who are able to serve their patients from all societal strata and develop a strategic vision that would enable participants to respond to the changing environment
  • Develop enhanced understanding of customer centric solution and the expected behaviors required for effectiveness in various roles and situations.


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